Sparmax Arism Airbrush Kit


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The perfect kit for the those starting for those starting out on their airbrush adventure.

Perfect for the model and hobby maker, cake decorator or beauty technician – simply add your paint medium and away you go !

Featuring the Arism compressor, SP.35 airbrush for fine lines and medium backgrounds, the Silver Bullet airbrush moisture trap, Air Bleed Valve, and spray out pot for easy colour changes and a cleaning brush set.

The Sparmax Arism Kit includes:

  • SP.ARISM Sparmax Arism Compressor
  • SP.SP35 Sparmax Airbrush 0.35mm Gravity
  • SP.ABF Sparmax Silver Bullet Moisture Filter
  • SP.BV Sparmax Air Bleed Valve
  • SP.SCP700 Sparmax Airbrush Sprayout Pot
  • 5 Piece Cleaning Brush Kit