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Raptor Liner Tintable Kit 1L


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Raptor Liner is available at Kustom Paints & Industrial in BLACK or TINTABLE 4L kits. Tintable Raptor Liner kits can be tinted to most colours. Tintable kit price does not include tint. If you would like to discuss tinting your Raptor Kit to a particular colour call us on 0754423197 or use the contact form to email us. *Spray Gun Not Included.

Upol Raptor Liner

RAPTOR Liner is a super-tough, highly durable, UV-stable coating that is applied by spray gun, roller or brush. This tough protective coating ensures protection against scratches, abrasions, rust, corrosion, damp and extreme temperatures. RAPTOR is a product of U-POL, a world leader in automotive refinish products. Originally commencing business in 1948 as manufacturers of polyester bodyfiller for car repair, U-POL has expanded to produce paints, coatings and ancillary products for car body repair.

  • Can be applied with underbody schutz gun, paint roller, paint brush or spray gun‚ no spray booth required
  • Helps deaden sound and vibrations; waterproof seal and is UV resistant
  • Can be used as non-skid and slip-resistant coating (if anti-slip grit is added)
  • Protects against rust, corrosion, damp, and extreme temperature
  • Provides excellent UV protection
  • Resistant against fuels, hydraulic oils, animal urine, salt water and more
  • High coverage msq‚ up to 12 msq per 4 litre kit

A variety of finish textures can be produced

The texture pattern can be adjusted by:

  • Varying the speed of spray application and altering the distance that the gun is held from the surface
  • The addition of suitable thinner (up to 10%) will give a smoother finish
  • Using higher/lower spray gun pressure
  • Using paint roller or paint brush

When using appropriate surface preparation, RAPTOR will stick to:

  • Steel, aluminium and zinc-coated metals√Ǭ†Cured 2K paints
  • Fibreglass, plastics and vinyl√Ǭ†(even seats √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú RAPTOR remains highly flexible)
  • Concrete, timber and fibro

To achieve a flat finish with reduced texture:

  • Reduce the RAPTOR 10-20% with good quality 2 pac reducer
  • Apply with a gravity feed spray gun, using a 1.6mm – 2mm nozzle, depending on amount of reducer used
  • Adjust inlet pressure on the spray gun to between 35-60 PSI
  • Hold the gun approximately 30-60 centimetres from the surface
  • Apply the RAPTOR in a sweeping motion to obtain the desired build and texture
  • Allow each coat 60 minutes to flash off before applying the next coat



Step1- Preparation Like any paint / coating Raptor needs a surface KEY. A KEY is a dull/ sanded/ scotchbrite “prepared” surface that allows the paint to stick. Paint won’t stick to shiny surfaces! Ensure you scuff the surface up to provide a good key. Make sure you key everywhere you are applying the paint, even the hard to get to bits, as doing the job correctly once saves you time and money. Use 180 to 240 grit sand paper or a Maroon/ Red Scothbrite pad. Once you have prepared the surface remove all dust using tack cloths. These are cloths that are tacky and will attract dirt and dust away from the prepared surface and help Raptor stick even better.

Step 2- Masking Now that you have the areas you want to paint prepared, you need to sort the areas you DONT WANT TO PAINT. Use masking tape all around any edges and fittings, then fill in the areas between with masking paper and plastic. You may want to use back masking in some areas. Back masking is where you apply a wide piece of masking tape to an edge, and let it overhang. you then bring your dust sheet down the panel you just masked, and allow the sheet to contact the masking tape overhang. cut of any excess with a blade, and then run a second line of masking tape over the edge to hold the sheet securely. back masking works very well on edges like wheel arches and sills.

Step 3- Spraying Upol Raptor Bedliner You can use almost any spray gun to apply Raptor Liner, but the most common gun is a schutz gun. UPOL provide a few different guns. a standard textured gun, and the Upol Raptor Vari – Gun which gives you full control over the texture. Smooth, Heavy Texture, or anything in between! Attach the gun to the bottle once you have mixed in your hardner (and colour if required), and then attach the airline. Lower air pressure of 30>50 PSI in a schutz gun will lend themselves to giving you a heavier texture. The manufacturer recommends 50PSI as a general rule. When you are ready to start spraying start “off panel” and then move the gun horizontally at a steady rate along the panel, do not let go of the trigger until the paint passes the end of the panel. Now repeat this process overlapping the paint around 25% on each pass until you reach the bottom of the panel. Apply the first coat Lightly, and allow it go touch dry, and then apply your second final coat heavier. Move the spray gun slower to achieve a heavier coat. PPE and Safety When using any paints we always recommend you use a good quality mask, goggles and gloves, and any additional protective gear. Use a respirator especially when spraying 2K products, and be aware of local laws on spraying, and be aware of your surroundings. *Spray gun NOT included


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