Tips & Advice

Spray painting can be tricky.

If you skip a step in the process, use incompatable products or make one of the many other mistakes that can cause problems with your paint job, you may end up having to do the job again from scratch. Use these tips to help you avoid any issues.

Clean – It may sound trivial but one of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful paint job is keep your job thoroughly clean and free of any contaminants. It only takes a few tiny particles of silicon or hydrocarbons to completely ruin your paint job. 

Correctly Assess the Damage – You need to know what’s REALLY going on hidden under multiple layers of old primer and paint. Over the years moisture can actually absorb into your paintwork, seeping in through stone chips and scratches. This moisture can create rust, rust that you can’t see unless the paint is removed. So unless you have X-ray vision, you’re going to strip it back to bare metal.  

Choose the right paint for your job – There are a number of different paint types to consider when the time comes to finish off your restoration or repairs. Your budget will be a factor, your type of restoration will too. For example you may want to restore your car to it’s original factory condition, right down to the same type of paint that was used.