Product Description

The Star EVO-T-106TF is a high efficiency mini gravity spray gun ideal for top quality finishes on smaller scale projects or touch-up work.

The patented EVO-T® air cap design provides ultra-fine finish and excellent transfer efficiency exceeding 72%, more of the paint staying on the job and very low overspray.

Strong forged body has colour anodization throughout the fluid passages making it suitable for both solvent and water borne paints.

Very low atomising pressure of 1.0 – 1.3 bar ( 15 – 19 psi) means ultra fine paint atomisation and resultant paint savings.

The best quality auto refinish results can be obtained with this spray gun.

Adjustment controls with calibration marks.

Supplied Ready To Spray

Includes a Star S-081B pressure regulator and gauge for accurate air pressure setting at the gun, service spanner, cleaning brush and Big Bore quick connector.