I’m going to paint my car, what type of paint do I need to use?


Whether you’re painting a late model car or a old classic there will generally be the same options available regardless. The  3 more commonly used paints are Enamel, Acrylic lacquer and 2 pack. Most modern vehicles are painted in either water-borne or solvent-borne 2 pack paints. Enamels and Acrylics are the cheaper options available and can still produce some very good results, making them perfect for D.I.Y’ers repairing their paintwork at home. However some modern colours are not available in Enamel or Acrylic. 2 pack paints are more expensive, but will provide you with a more durable finish. 2 pack paints must be sprayed in a controlled environment such as a spray booth, using a supplied air respirator.

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